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Seniors at Computer - ComputerTutorSF Kathleen McMahon has been in the computer industry since the early 80's, having worked on the very first personal computers. Her background was that of a certified teacher and so she combined her training and technical skills. In the late 80's, she was Director of a technical support department, where her team provided technical support over the phone to thousands of clients buying software and hardware from the company.

Kathleen was one of the very early adapters of the Internet, launching the first art-related website on the internet when the "browser" was first introduced. She authored the book, "In Search of Arts & Crafts on the Internet". She is also a fine artist who paints California landscapes. She has provided classes for women re-entering the workforce and basic computer skill classes for seniors at a local career development center.

In 1995, she co-founded an interactive advertising agency, providing marketing and online services to large and small business clients. She continues to provide those services under KTMOmedia, developing websites, providing coaching and training services to small businesses.

Kathleen is known for her patient supportive style of working with individuals, understanding and translating technology to non-technical people, and a lifetime dedication to helping individuals reach their goals, be more productive, and thrive with technology.